Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lower East Side, 5 a.m.


Anonymous said...

hey pat, you're back in Wien! Did you call me from the airport? How was the flight? Beautiful night shots of LES.



pat said...

Hi Tina! Flight was great--I had a three seat row all to myself, and I slept the whole time. Sorry I was such a blur in NYC--we'll get to visit more next time. Thanks for all your help. Has the chocolate re-melted, or has the heat backed off?

Anonymous said...

The chocolate hasn't melted because - I ate all of it! Yep. It was my staple in the heat, which has broken by the way. I was in a blur myself and felt like a wretched hostess. Please don't apologize.

I really love these photgraphs because they make Clinton Street look the way it used to, and not gentrified at all.