Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Do the Right Thing

Four years ago, American voters broke my goddamn heart by re-electing one of the most dangerous presidents in the history of the country. Today, I’m hoping for the make-up sex.

I try to be a political guy. I rant. I read about the campaign in the NY Times online. I protest in the streets when that's necessary. I boycott Starbucks (and shouldn’t we all?) But mostly I just do the minimum expected of me as a citizen—I express my opinion and I vote.

Two weeks ago, I voted from abroad for Barack Obama. Here is why I did that:

--Obama wants to get us out of Iraq. We shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

--Obama does not want to ‘’Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.’’ And the NY Times is right: John McCain’s willingness to joke about it was scary.

--Obama wants to spread the wealth. This is a sound, democratic idea. To pretend that it amounts to socialism (with or without the help of Joe the Fucking Plumber) is a funhouse mirror distortion.

--Obama has campaigned with dignity, and asked for my vote. He’s run smart, and listened to people. He’s also been cool as a cucumber. His opponent has called him names, threatened me and other voters with all that September 12 politics-of-fear horseshit, and otherwise told us what we need. No.

I could go on, but election day is ticking away. Please vote, people. Peace.


Jim said...

I knew there was a good reason why I like reading your blog. You're one of the "sane" Americans, lol. Thanks for helping putting America back on the right tracks again.

I grew up in Munich. Which is basically just around the corner from Wien by American standards. It's always interesting to read about the experiences of someone living in a foreign country.

In any case, just wanted to say Hi.

pat said...

Thanks Jim, and welcome. Don't know if I'm gonna be sane tonight--I can't decide whether to sleep or stay up. Which means I'll be up.

Flashtrigger said...

I was done voting for Obama at 09h30 the first day of early voting in Nevada....I have high hopes. And if for some crazy reason he doesn't win...well, I might just be seen in your area of the world, looking for work. :)

C N Heidelberg said...

Good post.

pat said...

Thanks, CN and Flashtrigger. It's 5:30 am here and FT, much as I'd like to welcome you to Europe, it looks like you can stay in the USA. (Just visiting Vienna is another matter though.....!)