Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dancing With Tears in my Eyes

That is not only NOT my favorite Ultravox song, but it sounds much sadder than I feel right now. It was just the phrase that came to mind when I looked back on my day. It was a long one--I had to pack for everyone for our two-week vacation while also fighting with the kids and breaking up their screeching fights with each other. By (their) bedtime, I was wiped out and aggravated with both of 'em. Then I looked at Adinah's Fathers' Day gift, which she slipped to me sometime this morning. It's this drawing of four stars. She told me the tiniest star is V., the small one is her, the larger fancy one is Anette, and the biggest star is me.

Gulp. Blink. Turn on the waterworks.

(We'll be on a beach in Sardinia for two weeks so I can't promise a post for awhile......but you'll hear all about it when we come home!)


Tricia Mitchell said...

you are the biggest star!

Jennifer said...

I only knew it as an X song.

In re: humor. You've always had it. Maybe it's like musical talent sometimes it just appears out of nowhere.

pat said...

Thanks for visiting, Jennifer! Yes, and the X song is better; and yes, humor is a mysterious force. I feel the slapstick spirit in me, brothers and sisters!!