Friday, January 8, 2010

New Sensation

So anyway, I've got a new thing. And now it's infected the whole family.

Her name is La Roux. And seeing as I'm a bit pop retarded these days, I've only just heard her music in the last few months. I will honor the slick magazine tradition, and also avoid assuming that everyone out there has as much time for pop junk as I do, and explain that La Roux appears to be about 23, styles herself like a new wave cross between K.D. Laing and Tilda Swinton, and sounds like Jimmy Sommerville (as a girl?) singing for Depeche Mode, with a very sight 21st century twist.

Don't know if the same can be said for US radio, but during our ski-town holiday, La Roux could be heard bouncing off of every wall. Particularly her single "Bulletproof," which is snap-crackle-bleep genius.

Now Adinah, V., Anette and I are all singing it as we put on our snow boots, or cook dinner, or do anything else involving locomotion.

A few years from now, my daughters will probably be into Austrian hip hop, or some other god awful thing. So, for now, I enjoy our shared interest in the new wave of new wave.

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