Monday, November 22, 2010

Needs versus Wants

Need: Chips and salsa
Want: Nachos

Need: Motorhead-Ace of Spades
Want: Deep Purple-Who Do We Think We Are

Need: Bic Medium Ball Point pens (black or blue)
Want: a laptop

Need: my family
Want: my family in good spirits

Need: Robert De Niro
Want: George Clooney

Need: a hot bath every once in a while
Want: Sauna Night with Anette

Need: a public library
Want: Facebook, Pirate Bay, Demonoid, all blogs

Need: long underwear
Want: my fuzzy gray pimp coat

Need: coffee
Mindless Self-Indulgence: ginger tea

Need: Barack Obama
Want: a hero


Ed Ward said...

Gotcher Ace of Spades right here, CD reproduction of original album cover.

Send address via e-mail, receive early Xmas present.

pat said...

Oh, that's okay, Ed I have a copy. The Deep Purple too. I just regard one as more essential the other. Now Machine Head, that's a different story....

tina said...

yeah, a few of us who support Obama want a hero too...we thought he was superman but he's only human....damn...but he's the president how can he be human...but..but..but - it's endless...