Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Okay I’ve Become That Parent

(Last Thursday, before Anette came home from the hospital, Adinah and V. got into another World War 4. After I waded in and disarmed the insurgents, we sat at the breakfast table and I brokered a treaty. I asked the two of ‘em, “What rules can we have in this house to make things better?” Then I wrote down what they said, and made them both sign it. I signed the damn thing as well. V. decorated the rules with little stickers of panda bears and surfing lizards. Adinah translated the document into German, then made a big sign that reads “Unser Regeln (Our Rules).” We taped the entire declaration up on the refrigerator door. Here are our Rules.)

1) We can be more quiet when Mom is asleep.

2) We can ask Mom what she wants (to do, to eat, etc.)

3) We can clean our room when Mom or Papa asks us to.

4) We will not be screaming at Mom (or Papa) (at bedtime or any other time.)

5) We can disagree, but we can solve our problems by talking about them.

6) We need to be gentle with each other.

7) We will listen to each other better.


ken said...

I'm a raving homosexual with cats instead of kids so what do I know but.....good luck with that!

Tina in NYC said...

So, Pat,5 days later, how's that working for you?

pat said...

Okay, wiseacres, I make the wisenheimer wisecracks around here. Actually, me and the girls obeyed all the rules for more than five minutes. But hey, at least they've been
introduced to the *concept* of rules....

Kim in the Cove said...

I think it's great - they created the rules and agreed to them. My high school band director managed 200 kids/year the same way for about 35 years and was extremely successful at it. :)

pat said...

Thank you for the encouragement, Kim!