Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Two or Three Lifetimes Ago

Between this new job, extra freelance work, and 20 Euro do-it-for-a-favor gigs, I'm bizz-zee. I've only had two other full-time jobs in my life, so the organizing of various tasks around the job--that is, the time formerly known as my free-time--also takes some getting used to.

I dimly remember moving to New York City twenty years ago. I lived in a closet for a year, and I worked 9 to 5 at a stock photo agency, selling pictures of sunsets, and couples on the beach, and couples on the beach at sunset. Before and after work, I took pictures like this one (of my nightstand/suitcase, in my closet/bedroom.)

I suppose if you account for inflation, I may actually be making less money at my new job then I was selling photo schlock back then. And I even liked living in that closet. But now I feel useful again. Too busy, sure, but...yeah. Somehow, I've got a spot in the scheme of things. That's a sort of progress.


EuroTrippen said...

Kudos to you. Once upon a time I had a career path... then I moved to Germany and became (shudder) a hausfrau - it even says so on my residency paperwork.

Searching for meaning is something I've done a lot of in the past year... and I think (knock on wood) being too busy sounds like a tiny slice of heaven. I'm envious.

pat said...

Thank you for writing these words. They are very good ones.

PS: When will you come to Vienna?