Tuesday, July 3, 2007

notes from an amateur hypochondriac

I don't get sick much. Consequently, when I have a little thing (like a headache) I get concerned about myself within five minutes. Used to be that when my temples began to throb just the slightest bit, I would start to think, 'What does an aneurism feel like?'

This morning I'm wondering about the definition of nervous exhaustion. Does that mean being so nervous you can't sleep? If so, then, okay, check--I got that. But don't you also have to be exhausted, like super super tired? Because I'm feeling pretty bleary now, but just thirty hours ago, friends were telling me, 'Hey, you look good, you look...happy.' So that doesn't seem to fit the diagnosis.

Don't you actually have to stay up all night for three or four nights before you're truly exhausted, worn out, beat, shagged and schnockered? Because I might just be minorly-bushed, or faux-exhausted....all I know is, I better try to stay awake now, or I'm gonna go down for hours.

And I can't do that.


Ardalan said...

Insomnia has only one cure: tom waits & a shot of something strong, lol. love the blog, justs et up a mac blog, will post it on ur facebook, hope u r well, all the best, rd.

MsRebecca said...

I've had headaches for years and always thought that the only way in the world that I could possibly have all this rediculous throbbing in my head must be a brain tumor right? Well apparently after many tests, that is not the case.. I have taken so much Advil for the headaches that my stomach lining is shot, I spend my days sipping Maalox and taking Prilosec, I long for the days when all I had was a headache..