Friday, October 26, 2007

Kid B, Day 1, Top 10

Number of Times V. Said "Ja." and made it sound like a Tirolean "Yo.": 9

Most Telling Sign of Things to Come: The three of us sitting around the kitchen table playing cards with the new kid as she chewed contentedly on a piece of velco.

Biggest Surprise: The speed of those little brown hands.

Spills: Pee, tea, bananas, frittatensuppe.

Second Most Telling Sign of Things to Come:
"Look, V., here's my new Lego house!"

Casualties: My knees, banged up from crawling all over the apartment with V.

Most Alarming Speech Act of our new daughter: Piercing screams out of nowhere.

Most Startling Expression of Pure Pleasure: V. vibrating from head to toe when Mrs. B, her previous foster mother, arrived to pick her up from us one last time. It was like she was being electrocuted by giggles. I thought she was gonna shake out of her clothes.

Anette's Favorite Post V. Moment: Snuggling and watching cartoons with Adinah on the big brown couch.

Deanie's Favorite Moment of the Day: "All."

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Elizabeth said...

It's Mr. Toad's Wild Ride time!!! Good luck!