Sunday, November 4, 2007

Freight and Handling

Uggh. Sunday is our family day, and I'm exhausted.
Anette handed the Package over to me at 6:30 a.m, and I took her into the kitchen for our regular breakfast of grapes, apple slices and baby talk about the black birds who fly over our courtyard. Then it was breakfast, some housecleaning, some furniture moving and card games, then a nap for the Package.
Then: we dropped off the 15 kilo Item at a birthday party for Rita Jane, took a long walk through the park with the Package, who was sleeping again, returned to the birthday party, picked up the Item as well as a companion Parcel (tow-headed, approximately five), then proceeded to the meet at Lichenstein Palais Park. All Packages and Parcels pleased. Until hysteria and defiance set in, climaxing in the need for a hand truck (me) to cart said Item out of the park.
Back home again, I made mashed potatoes, and ran a bath for both the Package and Item, then we all played one more round of Uno. Anette plugged a bottle into the Package at about 7:30 p.m., then she delivered the Item to bed.
Now, ummm....a romantic comedy with Will Smith, dubbed into German television?


Elizabeth said...

Once, when my single bro-in-law was visiting, I came downstairs after putting the last kid to bed and I said "Hallefuckinleujah!!" He said, you always say that. And it's true. I do. Because they take it out of you, those little packages and items.

more cowbell said...

Whew. OK, I'm tired now.

And nothing like American films dubbed into German. Especially with actors you're familiar with -- the voices are just not right!