Friday, December 14, 2007

A Very Shallow Learning Curve

After a pretty unpleasant month, and at least one or two obscure posts about my non-familial problems, a crisis has been averted, and I just might look forward to getting up in the morning again soon. Here's what I (may have) learned.

1) Taking something seriously is not the same as taking it personally, though I have been known to use these phrases interchangeably.

2) When you get caught up in something, and it looks like there's only two ways for the thing to go, try to step back. If you're look at the problem carefully, you will find a third way.

3) In the world of NGOs and non-profits, social workers are the Fixers. They're like the Harvey Keitel character in Pulp Fiction.

4) Let it go, leave it at work, throw the problem in front of a subway train, and go home.

5) No matter what it is, your wife and your kids are more important.

6) And, yo, Christmas is just around the corner, you blockhead!

Now I can go back to blogging about the deep meaningful things, like the determined scowl V. gets on her face when she tries to grind two piece of rice cake into a pile of crumbs, or pull the toes off of her own feet. ("Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the world's tiniest pro-wrestler, the terrifying toddler, the skull-crusher of the stroller set, the monster-mashing MISS V.!!")


Elizabeth said...

"Taking something seriously is not the same as taking it personally,"

One of the hardest lessons of all time, and one I keep having to remind myself of. Sorry your month sucked. They do go that way sometimes...

I remember, with great fondness, watching my kids destroy things - baskets of neatly folded laundry, cheerios, which make such a satisfying crunch as you grind them to dust. They always concentrated SO hard, were so determined and diligent....

pat said...

Thank you, Elizabeth. I always always look forward to reading and thinking about the things you write. Much respect from Vienna!

Elizabeth said...

Well thanks. That means a lot to me, coming from someone who writes as well and thinks as deeply as you do.

EuroTrippen said...

I love equating things to Pulp Fiction! Let me guess... in the whole world of ngo's/non-profits you're the Jules Winnfield... just tryin' real hard to be a shepherd.