Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hey Hollywood!

What's with all the movies about the War on Terror and Iraq and Afghanistan FBI CIA torture and patriotism? Lions for Lambs Redacted Rendition In the Land Of Elah the Kingdom etc.etc.? Can't you studio execs stop having the same idea over and over again and then hearing that someone else has the same idea and then rushing your project into production because of it?
Hey American media, what's with Hollywood touching stories you never have? Why is it that the new Brian DePalma film sounds like it deals with the subject of atrocities committed by American soldiers in the Middle East in much more depth that the combined embedded reportage from five years of mainstream "coverage" of the shit in Afghanistan-Iraq-Gitmo etc?
Hey Senator Clinton, how come you don't speak out against these nightmares any more than the American slick paper media?


Ty said...

Spoken like a True Patriot, not the faux variety that's so overrunning our country these days.

Elizabeth said...

"Hey !@#$" indeed. And I think sheClinton has lost her soul and her values, and is a vote-hungry zombie (and I'll vote for her if she's nominated. Sigh). There, vented.