Sunday, January 27, 2008

NaturHistorischesMuseum Top Ten, yeah!

The results are in from an afternoon spent at Vienna's most magnificent old school museum. Here we go:

Most Ridiculous and Hardly Credible Display which is Apparently Based on Actual Fact: the Russian Ice Age hunters' hut made from wooly mammoth bones. (They really did that?!)

Most Surly Museum Employee: the coat check guy.

Adinah's favorite dinosaur: Brontosaurus, and "those small ones who run really fast."

My Favorite Dinosaur: Triceratops, baby.

Anette's Favorite Moment: Little V. pointing to all of the dinosaurs and saying,"Wuff wuff!"

Creepiest Animal, Alive or Stuffed: the Cow Fish, who swims around devouring plankton and very small rocks, all the while disguised as a brightly-colored shampoo bottle cap.

Most Canny Fashion Move: Adinah wearing all pink and her (pink) princess crown to the museum.

Most Sublime Detail: oil paintings of cavemen and other sweaty, lumbering prehistoric beasts, hung in rooms that resemble Baroque dining halls.

Biggest Disappointment: no dodo bird.


EuroTrippen said...

Awesome! The Naturhistorisches Museum & the aquarium you mentioned a few posts ago have both been added to my must-see list while in Vienna next month...

Elizabeth said...

And who knows that they didn't "woof woof"? I did, literally, laugh out loud.

Elizabeth said...

Also, that croc in picture #1 looks remarkably like the croc in "Peter Pan" that ate Hook's hand.