Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend Top Ten, February 17

Most Undignified Freakout:
Throwing down a platter of olive and caper sauce when I realized I had ruined the tuna steaks again.

Most Graceful Save:
Anette's rescue of the Tuna steaks (by putting a lid on the pan and cooking them three minutes longer)

Adinah's Favorite Moment:
Seeing the moonrise out of our courtyard window tonight

Anette's Favorite Moment:
Sitting in her office, blissfully alone, reading

My Favorite Moment:
Making out on the brown couch last night
Seeing sixteen-month-old V. appear around the corner, suddenly dressed in a full-body Winnie the Pooh costume

Most Overdetermined International Laff:

Our Ethiopian friend Sintayehu cracking up me, an American, and Anette, an Austrian, with his imitation of a tourist with a thick Viennese accent, startling his hotelier by requesting "a sheet on my bed"

Most Benevolent Greenhouse Side Effect:

The blinding sunshine accompanying two of the coldest days of the winter

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