Friday, February 29, 2008

Being an Index and Statistical Compendium of Salient Factors and Mitigating Data for the Celebration Event know as "Adinah's Fifth Birthday Party"

Event Duration:
3.5 hours

2 (Chocolate Frosting with Smarties and Gummi Bears on top)

Bowls Popcorn:

"Rebel Rebel" by David Bowie

Most Startling Pre-Party Revelation:

Several of Adinah's closest Kindergarten pals had never gone on playdates without their mothers, let alone gone to the fairground to ride ponies with rogue parents like Anette and I.

Most Satisfying non-Adinah moment:

Watching some of these same girls smile triumphantly as they rode ponies solo, without even holding on!

Most Satisfying Post-Party Report:

Hearing that Magdalena, one of the shyest girls, hasn't stopped talking about the party for three days.

Barbie Paraphernalia gifted or exchanged:

2 Dolls, 1 "Fashion Fever" kit, several pairs of half-inch high heels, one pink rubber purse, assorted crowns.

Number of Invited Attendees:


Number of Tag-along Attendees (i.e. little brothers/sisters):


Number of Adult Escorts/Pony Minders:


Best Gift:

A purple and silver striped Hula Hoop, from our babysitter Rosa.

My Favorite Four Seconds:

Holding Adinah's hand as we left the Prater.

Number of Attendees Who Cried when the Party was Over:


Number of Adults who would Not Leave:


Real Life Quote:

Adinah: "I'm five years old. I'm not a baby anymore."


Anonymous said...

oh wow, five years old - she's really all grown that little girl, and how I miss her!


more cowbell said...

Happy happy birthday, Adinah. May you always have ponies and frosting.

EuroTrippen said...

We took Sydney for endless pony rides at the Prater... it was the highlight of our Vienna vacation for her.

And a big Happy Birthday to Adinah!!