Saturday, July 26, 2008

again with the skin again

In a previous episode of Euro Like Me, Adinah encountered some unpleasant little girls who made fun of her and her Ethiopian friend Teresa. After a conversation with my wife and several thoughtful comments posted here, I decided to stop trying to understand or explain why two strangers would laugh at her brown skin, and instead just ask my daughter what she thought of the whole thing. Here's how it went:

P: How did you feel about it when those girls laughed at you, Adinah?
A: I didn't love it. I thought it was silly.
P: Yeah, it seems silly to me, too.
A: Yeah, because why should they laugh because they can see brown people on the street all the time.
P: Yeah, I think so.
A: Then Teresa--you know what?--Teresa said something really funny to them.
P: Really? What did she say?
A: She said, "I laugh at you because you're white and have blond hair! You have pink skin!'"
P: She said that?
A: Yeah. Then she said,'Baby!' I said it too!
P: Wow.
A: Then one of the girls, she said to Teresa, 'Bloedder caki (stupid shit)--you will die tomorrow!'
P: Whoa. Which girl said that?
A: She was called Sophie. The other girl only laughed once--she was Mariella. We played later. She gave me a drawing at the end of the party.

These seemed to be the salient points for Adinah: silliness, babyish-ness, stoopidness, then playing with one of the pinkos after the words were exchanged.

Talking with my girl is so great lately. It seems that little kids can be not only brutal, but perceptive and quite forgiving as well.

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