Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend in the Highlands: The Top 10

1) Awesomest View:
Lush alpine valleys, dark wooden farmhouses and flowery meadows, seen from a high trail. All four of us went "Wah...."

2) Greatest Sudden Terror:
Being mobbed by a herd of cows, bearing menacingly down on us at 2 MPH!

3) Much Breathless Fun:
Rubberball bouncing around on the trampoline with Adinah and V.

4) Most Sisyphean Struggle:
Trying to stay awake after 9:30 pm, after a full day of hiking, swimming and schnitzel snorting.

5) Most Impressive Herbivore:
The pit-bull sized bunny behind our hotel.

6) Best Meal:
Trout with a hash brown potato crust and a mixed salad.

7) From Screaming to Snoring, V.'s Best Time after being Loaded into the Baby Backpack:
2.5 minutes.

8) Longest Continuous Improvised Fairy Tale told by Adinah, while Hiking, Without Pausing for a Breath:
25 minutes.

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