Thursday, August 14, 2008

non-Verbal communication

At almost 22 months, V. is an extremely articulate person. This morning as I was leaving the house, I kissed Adinah, then V. chirped "Auch!" so I kissed her too. Then she pointed at Anette to remind me to kiss my wife goodbye as well. She knows the way things are done around here.

Last night, as the girls were finishing up their rice, red beans and tomato salad, we were listening to one of the mix CDs by the Belgian mash-up duo 2 Many DJs. I pulled V. out of her hi-chair and the three of us walked into the ballroom, and just as Salt-n-Pepa's mock-horny "oooo-baby, bay-bee!"s mixed with Iggy Pop's feral "Well, c'mon!" V. looked up at me and wiggled her elbows, in the gesture I know means, 'Now we dance.' So we danced for awhile.

When she means to be solicitous, V. will walk over, stand in front of you, crouch, then tilt her head to the side, as if to say, 'How are you doing, my little one?' When she wants skin-to-skin contact, she backs right into you, like a garbage truck in reverse, and plonks herself down in your lap. And of course she also deploys the arms-upraised, imploring-eyes combo, known to parents worldwide, which means 'Please pick me up. Now.'

It's not that V. doesn't know any words. She knows twenty-seven. Some of them are,







lala (water bottle)

cacao (milk bottle)

eeh-ahh (horse)

ooh-ahh (monkey)





trauben (grape)

She also says, 'Nah-dee,' and 'Nah-doo.' Which means 'One more time, please.'


Anonymous said...

My 20 month old daughter does the reverse plop (but actually she's pretty graceful about it) into my lap too :) Actual words are oh so very very slowly emerging as well - I can't wait to talk with her!


Tina said...

How sweet!