Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead....

I try not to dabble in schadenfreude, but let's just say I'm not sorry that Jörg Haider is dead.

This motherfu--um, this guy is the guy who has steered Austrian politics into a binary argument about whether foreigners are good or evil. This is the guy who said immigrants seeking asylum in Austria should be rounded up and--yes, he did!--put in camps! Some people say he had already started doing this as governor in his home state of Carinthia.

It's people from this guy's party who say that when you see a black man in Vienna, you can be certain that he is a drug dealer.

Naturally, it's his party that is opposed to Turkey joining the EU, and to Muslim women wearing headscarves here.

Jörg Haider is the guy--and, sadly, not the only guy--who said the Nazis did some good stuff.

He died in a car crash last night.

Don't cry no tears around me.

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Flashtrigger said...

It amazes me that people still think such things. It further amazes me that those people actually gather adherents. Is it charisma? I have no idea. I remember hearing about the furor over Jean-Marie Le Penn in the French, 6 years ago? Something like that, and he was hugely against immigrants, too.
It just blows me away. And, by the way, no tears here.