Monday, January 26, 2009

Fifteen Things I Don't look Forward to Explaining to my Daughters

1) The difference between "I don't care" and I don't mind."

2) Ringo.

3) Self-loathing.

4) The ponytail I had from 1991 to 1992.

5) Slaughterhouses.

6) Divorce.

7) Shoulder pads in women's clothing. (Just thinking about them makes me shiver.)

8) Baseball.

9) Homelessness.

10) The apparently enduring appeal of cigars, bullfighting and Lucille Ball.

11) Racism.

12) The end of Sly Stone.

13) That which is and is not cool.

14) Why things like chocolate are good sometimes, but not all the time for kids, and things like alcohol are okay for adults, but never really good for them.

15) How airplanes fly.


DWmS said...

Why you thought being in a band called Rapeman was a good idea.

pat said...

Ouch. But hey, at least that's something only you and two other humans have to explain to your kids, David.

Ed Ward said...

So you've got "Daddy, why is the sky blue?" ready for explication? I *still* don't think I'm clear on that one.

Word verification on this, incidentally: misled.

Kat said...

I understand about the ponytail, but what the hell have you got against Ringo? ;>

Inquiring minds...

pat said...

Whoa, whoa, no. I love Ringo. It's the explaining of him which is difficult. Where does the magic reside Exactly?

Kat said...

In the rings, silly!

Ok, maybe in the nostrils.

No, in the shoulders. Definitely the shoulders.