Monday, January 12, 2009

Dear Birthday Fairy…

For my sixth birthday, I would like to get:

1 For my Baby Born doll, Merta, a terrace
2 A carriage or sleigh for Merta
3 Rudolf the Red Nosed reindeer
4 Some rose bushes
5 Crowns for Merta
6 A sister and mama Baby Born doll, and a really baby Baby Born, a really small one.
7 With a schnuller (pacifier).
8 A unicorn
9 And a horse.
10 Plus mirror, toilet, the button for the mirror, and a button for the toilet and for the heart-shaped pillow and for the teacup and the magic candle.
11 All ice-skating things
12 A swimming pool for Baby Born and a button to push for it.
13 A winter dress
14 A summer dress with short sleeves
15 Long sleeves for the winter dress
16 A Christmas tree for outside
17 One long winter coat, pink; one long winter coat, blue
18 Diapers
19 One blanket with red hearts and a
20 Crib

Thank you, Birthday Christkind, and I hope it will come.

Adinah (& Merta)

21 Cookies
22 A button for cookies: when you push it, cookies come
23 A kitchen
24 Soup pot
25 Frying pan
26 Oven
27 Sink
28 Ice cream
29 Cake
All of this in a castle with a swimming pool outside (with garden)
30 Gummi bears
31 Smarties
32 Maxi-cosi carrier for Merta and a
33 Stroller

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Ed Ward said...

Time for Daddy to get a second job!