Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dog, Sick as a

Depending on who you ask, between twenty and forty thousand people have the flu in Vienna right now. Last week, I was just another one of them. But I was only woozly for about 36 hours--I don't get sick too often, and when I do, the only thing I ever seem to get is a Lite version of whatever virus is stalking my town at the moment. (Must be all those Cheetos I ate as an infant.) Lots of other people in Vienna have been laid low for one or two weeks. At Kindergarten, Adinah's gruppe, which normally has about 22 kids, is down to twelve.

A famous friend of one of my colleagues died from this epidemic.

We got a flu for fancy birds, too. One of our swans is missing.

Look, in Europe in the nineteenth century, the Flu was Public Enemy Number One. I keep telling people, but everybody says I'm being alarmist. Fine. But I'm stocking up on Emergen-C.

That's all I got. I got nothing else.

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