Friday, February 27, 2009

Adinah's Sixth Birthday Party Checklist


-Blow up balloons
-Make cakes
-Prepare paper mask game
-Buy 2 or 3 more pairs kids scissors
-Select disco party music
-Mummify ballroom
-Buy 1 flower each for each kid (12)
-Build Igloo
-Buy Nacho makings @ Spar

-Pick-up all kids at kindergarten, making sure Maya has joined us and that we've gotten Vinzy from the other class
-Transport kids
-At home, play "Who's the Bird?"
-Cake, juice, etc.
-Mask game at big table in ballroom
-Build magic castle, with igloo and kitchen table extensions
-Disco Party/Hit parade game
-Musical Chairs
-Open Presents
-Child pick-up


Nachos or Pizza?

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