Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Top Ten Important facts about the Turkish Cafeteria Across the Street from my Office

1) The breaded, fried fish is good, in a high school cafeteria sort of way.

2) Muslim women do not enter the place, but my female friends, colleagues and bosses (mostly not Muslim) who have eaten there with me have encountered no problems.

3) Cola Turka, like RC, is, meh, okay.

4) Turkish CNN looks, sounds and smells much like Yank CNN.

5) The price of the same lunch seems to fluctuate from day to day, and from customer to customer.

6) I've heard that it's part of a union, and I know there is a mosque upstairs, but I can't be bothered to find out any more about the place--I'm just so happy to have a good place to eat lunch near my job.

7) The men order tea at the counter, but buy their coffee from the coffee vending machine.

8) Many of the Turkish men on the TV have odd haircuts--they look like a cross between a monk and a Beatle.

9) The men kiss each other hello. And that's sort of nice.


Gavin said...


Kristina said...

I think I know exactly what this place looks like. I miss these little shops!

pat said...

Hi Kristina! It's actually not so little, but a real cafeteria. You would probably like it, though because it's still pretty cozy.