Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

1) Yesterday, as an early present to myself, I took myself over to my beloved public library--the big one at Burgasse--and just dawdled and explored. I found a book of photographs of the New York Downtown art and music scene of the early eighties: some nice photojournalism, but I came away with the impression that that whole Philip Glass/the Kitchen/art gallery scene was ultimately so insular, elitist and white. While looking at the pictures, I listened to a bunch of CDs I'd never heard before: a late period Edgar Winter (which was this upbeat weird disco drivel), an early one by Edgar Broughton (strange, damaged and intriguing), the Pet Shop Boys (sorry, they're still too mannered and inessential to me), and Bryan Ferry (hey, maybe all of his early solo albums are good!?)

2) This morning, the girls woke me up by singing "Happy Birthday" and serving me cake. Very sweet. Then they gave me a pile of new shirts and a new hoodie. I am now officially Mr. H & M.

3) I'm not getting older, I'm getting sleepier.

4) My friend LouAnne once said she thinks that almost everyone in the USA really really thinks that they will one day wake up rich and/or famous. I think that's a true thing, and I try to keep it in mind as a cautionary principle.

5) Still, I really really thought that by the time I was 48, I would have knocked out at least one bestseller, Oscar or multi-platinum double live album.

6) Some of my best friends and some people I barely even know wished me a Happy Birthday on Facebook. That was pretty cool too.

7) If I could have an all-star birthday party to celebrate, the guest list would include Anette, Adinah, V., Steve, Simon, Keepsie, Leo, Dorit, my brother Tracy, Betsy, Molly, Marty, Alan, Rich, Sims and Yow, Ron, Luke, Kathy, Ed, Ed, and Ed. Plus the Little Guy, Max, Sam and Caesar. And my brother Sean, and my mom.

8) I guess I'm gonna die some day. Probably. That's usually the way it goes.

9) Especially if I keep celebrating by eating nachos and french fries and drinking Coca Cola.

10) But then again, I've always been a lucky guy.


Ed Ward said...

Well, happy birthday on the blog, then. Be happy to cook you a birthday dinner that doesn't involve nachos, french fries and Coke, but I'm not promising the calorie/fat content might not be close!

Jim said...

Celebrating your birthday by eating nachos and french fries and drinking Coke? Sounds good to me. You're such an American, LOL. Love it!

Maybe add a piece of Sachertorte? Alles Gute zum Geburtstag :)

Kat said...

We are so happy, and so lucky, that you were born! Who would have thought that so many of us would have made it this far? (particularly when we let Steve drive so often) (and how is it that we're so old? Oh, guess those things go together...)

xoxo from Austin

pat said...

Ed, I truly hope that we are in the same country sometime soon! I'd love to try some of your cooking, but if you get to Austria before I get to France, I'll cook for you. My guacamole, at least, kills.
Jim: I am an American man, whoo-hoo. Sounds like a Grand Funk song, I know, but it's true. Not sure anybody has improved on nachos as a nutritional and colorful cuisine. Thanks for the bischen Deutsch!
Kat, what a nice note and sentiment. I return it to you--we're all lucky to have you (and Carter and Luke too!) Love to you all,

Tina said...

Belated Happy Birthday Pat - how I miss you!