Monday, October 19, 2009

Well, I'm doing yoga again. For me, writing this is roughly comparable to other people saying 'I'm quitting smoking again.'

We get up at 6:15 a.m., I groan, then we make all the funny poses while it's still dark outside. This morning, if a master yogi had been watching my misshapen, listing Downward Facing Dog, she would have murmured,'I see a little wind moving through the trees.' If a rocker had been watching me, he would have started humming "Shaking all Over."

Indeed. My Warrior 3 pose looks more like Warrior 2.12. My Sun Salutation looks like ,'Oh, hey, howzit...uh, what's going on?' My Corpse pose is good.

I feel better. But it's a struggle.

I've never been a sportsy guy. Unlike my younger brother, the Cyclist, and my older brother, the Whitewater Rafter, Wilderness Guide and Runner, I've always thought of sports as rather unhealthy. I do like hiking in the mountains, but I prefer ascending by chairlift, then descending on foot. Unless the descent takes more than two hours. In which case I prefer taking a taxi down to Base Camp.

But yoga feels good. I like feeling a little less creaky, a little more loose in the joints. I like lighting the candles and putting on the German synth musik from the nineteen-seventies. I like going slow, and concentrating on my breathing.

It'd be great if I could hire someone to do yoga for me, though....


Mrs.Sorutcci said...

hey dear pat... i allways read your blog..I FALlow it ;)... i like to write english posts only for you..but some times i really like to type persian! so ..come to my blog.some times u can finde some english 2... by the way i saw your photos on the link that you sent me!

Tina said...

maybe you need a cup of coffee to unwind? or is it windup? :)

pat said...

hello again, Mrs. S! Thanks for saying hello and looking at my photos. I'll be by your blog for a visit.

pat said...

Tina, you know me--I can't breathe without a cup of coffee. Here's how it goes: Step one-Wake up. Step 2: Drink coffee. Step 3: Open eyes and get out of bed. Step 4: Drink second cup of coffee to be strong enough to get to the yoga mat. Step 5: "Shanti shanti shan-teeeee!"