Wednesday, October 14, 2009

V.'s 3rd B-Day Party Top Ten

1) Most Ominous Portent of Doom:
The birthday girl's total nuclear meltdown before the party had even started, as we walked her and her little friends home from kindergarten.

2) Best Party Game:
The Balloon Race (Rules of Play: each kid picks a balloon, then we throw them all out of the window [the balloons, that is] and see which one bounces the farthest before popping, being stolen by a passerby, or drifting into Pizza Mann to order a Diavolo.)

3) Most Giggles per Second:
Blowing up the balloons with Katharina and Mohammed

4)Most Startling Demographic Trend:
Out of six boys and girls, Katharina was the only white kid. The rest of the attendees were either African or Austrian-African.

5) Most Wildly Popular Party Foodstuff:
Tie: Gummi Fruits and popcorn.

6) Entity which Consumed the Largest Portion of either Wildly Popular Party Foodstuff:

Emily's father, who lugged around the giant bowl of popcorn until he had devoured all but the most burnt kernels, as he does every year.

7) Music: Lady Gaga Video: Maisy

8) This year's Lo-Budget Party Favor Pack for all the Guests (Bestowed at Departure):
Cartoon stickers (3 sheets each), Sugar-free chewing gum, and several peanuts, all in a Zip-Loc bag.

9) Most Disheartening Moment:
Emily, who is practically the coolest kid on the planet, sitting by herself and crying, because it wasn't her birthday.

10) V.'s Favoritest Present of All Time:
The musical Shrek birthday card (it plays a ten-second snatch of SmashMouth's "All Star") sent by my mom, all the way from Texas.


Olivia & Barbara said...

Trying to imagine what Maisy is like with a Lady Gaga score.

pat said...


Kat said...

I was always intrigued by Maisy's relationship with Tallulah... now I've got the soundtrack, too.

This recap was the next-best thing to being there. And reading it was quieter?

Our #1 party favor: a mix CD. That's about all we give now, and C enjoys making them.

pat said...

Regarding Maisy: Yeah, I know! There's that episode where Tallulah gets into the bathtub with Maisy! What's _that_ all about?! Kinda like when Madonna pulled Lady Gaga's hair on Saturday night Live!
Thanks for reading, both of you-wish you could have been there!