Thursday, November 5, 2009

the cure for all what ails you

Texas Guacamole:
1) Find six Haas avocados (yo, those are the dark, dark green bumpy ones, NOT the lighter green, smooth-skinned ones, which suck.)

2) Cut them all in half, and use a large spoon to scoop the avocado out of it’s skin. Put the seeds aside--actually they’re more like stones.

3) Put all the avocados in a bowl and smash them.

4) Add diced garlic (one or two medium sized cloves); salt; white pepper if you have it, regular black if you don’t; and either lemon or lime juice.

5) Smash and stir until smooth, or leave it chunky—I don’t care.

6) Adjust seasonings to your taste.

7) Break out the tortilla chips.

8) Serves 2-3.

9) If you do not finish the guacamole in one sitting—you will, but just in case--put the seeds back into the bowl of guac, then put the whole thing into the fridge. The seeds will keep the guac fresh a little longer. Enjoy!


Ed Ward said...

A couple of additions I learned from a Salvadoran place I used to go in San Francisco: parsley and (don't hit me) finely chopped hardboiled egg. Also serrano chiles sliced into very thin coins (optional for German-speaking persons).

There can be no peace for Israel until they stop shipping us those horrible oily fibrous smooth-skinned avocados, though.

pat said...

I can imagine any of those additions as worthwhile. Funny stuff works with the guac, but I swear the main thing is the Haas.