Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not Sick Again

Oww. That hurt a little bit. Two days out of commission, including about eight hours where my head felt like a cinder block, and four where I didn't even want to think about food for fear of making like Linda Blair. "Yerrr mother sucks c----Wuuugh, urrghhh--chunk-chunk-chunk!"

Wasn't swine flu, methinks. But then again, I got my degree in veterinary medicine, so your human science is strange and frightening to me.......

I'm lucky to have a family that just stands back--several yards--from papa when he's sick. They just let me roll around on the ground grunting and moaning for a few days, let me get some sleep, don't call me too many unkind names, then welcome me back gladly when I'm less viral. I don't have any fancy get well plan: when a bug comes calling, I just sleep on it. And sleep. And sleep. But it's strange to be down for thirty hours, then emerge back onto the street, blinking, in the sunlight. I take my good health for granted so much that being sick feels like being high.

That said, things are getting weird around here. At work, they don't want us washing our dishes ourselves, just want us to put them straight into the dishwasher in the staff kitchen. Public schools are closing down because so many kids are knocked out with pig fever. Everybody thinking, 'Is this the big one?'

Not me though. I think it's all a hoax. Now Ima gonna go see 2012. I love those movies where the Earth dies screaming.

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