Friday, February 19, 2010

No Time

Last night, I got home at six, said goodbye to the babysitter, fixed a quick dinner, then spent 90 minutes driving the girls towards bedtime.

This morning, I got up just after six, had a few moments to myself, then spent an hour and fifteen minutes persuading, asking ‘Please’ and finally pushing them out of the door to school.

And so it goes. During the week, my time with my daughters is tight. And I spend so much of it getting them dressed or begging them to let me brush their teeth, I barely have any time to give them Sugar. To give them the encouragement and support and love they need.

I worry a little that they think their papa is a psycho who bosses them around, occasionally dances with them, then bosses them around some more. I worry more that they will start to think life is just a slog: all personal hygiene, household tasks and no fun.

Actually, they both love playing with their friends. And they like playing with each other a lot too.

What I miss is my playtime with them. I miss getting-to-know-them time. They’re growing up, changing, and learning, and it’s difficult to understand how or why they’re changing when I have so few moments to really see and hear them. I don’t get to talk to my girls enough....

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Kat said...

This is one of the main reasons why the job's hard: so much of it is about keeping them alive and participating in society (fed, rested, socialized, etc.). But it's also the greatest gift we'll give them, I think -- the ability to do all of those things relatively effortlessly for themselves way after we're gone!