Monday, March 17, 2008

Seen on the U-bahn

1) At the Schottenring station, a giant green and white graffiti tag for Chic, with a fat-lipped duck face serving as an exclamation point.

2) A young Indian man with mustache, iPod and gray jacket with pink word DIESEL.

3) The cover of the latest issue of the subway publication Vormagazin: the face of a beautiful black woman, in tribal make-up and bedecked with flowers, emerging from a ball of fire (!) It's an advertisement for an African circus which has come to town.

4) Within my sight, six people reading Heute, the other subway publication (free, tabloid in size and ethic, right wing blather).

5) Three teenage girls, casually dolled up and ready for their day at BFI trade school: one spilling over the edge of her too-tight blue pants, another limping and looking around with a doughy, unformed face which has yet to make a hard choice in life.

6) Another young guy, with white sneaks, jeans and a New York Yankees cap. He is talking to a vaguely goth-looking girl, and the only word i hear is "Schwule" ("gay".)

7) Lots of people with black, grey or dark blue clothes.

8) A poster of a young Catherine Deneuve, strapped to a post, and ready for whipping. Mmmmh.

9) An open fuse box.

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