Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tagged, or Meme-d?

Are bloggers just the modern, wired and confessional version of stamp collectors? Probably, so I'm doubly damned.

In any case, a writer named Flashtrigger has "tagged" me (is blog tagging the modern version of the chain letter? Yes, but you don't get $42.56 in the mail when the whole thing is over.) So I'm obliged to post seven "random or weird" things about myself, then pass the tag/meme/dutchie on to some of my fellow bloggers (who've probably all done this to death and so will just yawn, & let the love die.) Sorry, Elizabeth, but you're it.

I'm going to mention a few things which seem germane to the secret mission of Euro Like Me: figuring out who the hell I am today.

1) I had a black G.I. Joe. He had a beard. I liked him because he was different. Then he died when the string you pulled to make him talk got caught on one of our dining room chairs. This may be a typical story for a white adoptive parent of two children of color (Anette had black dolls too) but I just think it's goofy and fitting.

2) "Bug" is one of my favorite terms of affection. As in, "Here, let me get that for you, bug." Or "I love you, bug." In Texas, people say that someone is "cute as a bug." I'm from Texas.

3) I can make three meals, none of which can really be called "American": tacos, chicken curry, and pasta with tomato sauce. I also make the best guacamole in Vienna. No, really.

4) I live in Austria, yet I have never seen The Sound of Music. Neither have 90% of the Austrians. But they love the film Sissi, which maybe two people in the US have seen.

5) It's 9:40 pm here, and I'm so tired I could plotz.

6) My middle name makes people of all cultures and ethnicities laugh. I don't know why. "Kerbow" seems like a very nice name to me....

7) I flew a plane once.

(PS: I'm also tagging B., Cowbell, and Ed. Did I do that right......?)

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more cowbell said...

I can not believe you just memed me. You just want to find out how freakish I am. Fine. I'll do it. But I warn you, I am a very spotty and unpredictable blogger ... who knows when I'll be inspired with my 7 funky facts.