Thursday, May 29, 2008

texas hardcore explosion 1985 yeah! (it's on)

Now I've really done it. I did that thing I said I was gonna do. You know, that thing with the punk rock fotos. That.

So: All of you dear people are most lovingly invited to my new blog, which is more like an exhibition disguised as a blog. It's all photographs I took in Austin many many years ago of some of the people and bands I thought were the coolest cats pajamas what ever lived. It has a long unwieldy name, which may cause Google's web crawlers to mistake it for some sort of cowboy porn site, but hey, if that results in increased traffic to these pictures, I'm all for it. I've also set up a flickr site, and that looks pretty cool as well (I suggest viewing the pictures as a slideshow!) Here's the links:

I finished the flickr thing yesterday, then ran the slideshow to review it, and just started beaming. I was so happy and proud to see all of these old faces on the web screaming back at me and transmitting immortal. We were all so young and skinny and beautiful in our own scruffy way. We knew that the Big Boys had invented punk funk before our very eyes, that David Yow was the funniest homosapiens on the planet, and that the Butthole Surfers were the wildest band this side of Uranus. We thought we were culture rebels like none before us, and even if we were wrong about that last part, does it really matter?


Snooker said...

They are great!
Thanks for sharing.

Ed Ward said...

Great stuff there, but then, you were always the best photographer on that scene.

pat said...

Thanks you two!