Friday, August 7, 2009

50 Concerts

(Normally I don't do this sort of thing. Possibly because I like making lists too much. Like serial killer too much. But an old friend on Facebook started it and I needed to do this one. It's interestingly non-chronological. Facebook? Why would I need another time-sucking vortex in my life--I've got kids!)

1) Lynyrd Skynyrd opening for the Doobie Brothers, Austin Municipal Auditorium, Austin, Texas 1973 (my first)

2) Kreisky opening for TV on the Radio, Arena, Vienna, 2009 (my last)

3) The Replacements, The Continental Club, Austin, 1984?

4) The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Steamboat Springs, Austin, 1984

5) Standing Waves, in the parking lot of Inner Sanctum Records, Austin, 1980

6) The Punk Prom (Dicks, Big Boys, Sharon Tate's Baby), Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, 1980

7) The B-52's, Armadillo World Headquarters, 1979

8) Journey, Austin Municipal Auditorium, 1978?

9) Peter Frampton, and Gary Wright, the "Dream Weaver," at a rock festival right next to Interstate 35, Austin

10) Rank and File, Dukes Royal Coach Inn, Austin, 1981?

11) Gang of Four, Club Foot, Austin, November 4, 1980 (the night Ronald Reagan was elected)

12) Fela, Austin City Coliseum, 1986

13) Devo, Armadillo World Headquarters, 1979

14) Butthole Surfers, Club Foot, Austin, 1982

15) Butthole Surfers, The Ritz, New York City, 1988

16) Terminal Mind, Rauls, Austin, 1980

17) Meat Joy, Voltaire's Basement, Austin, 1984?

18) Doctor's Mob, at a volunteer fire department garage, South Austin, 1984?

19) True Believers, UT Student Union, Austin, 1986

20) Flaming Lips, the Beach, Austin, 1985?

21) Pussy Galore, Siberia, New York City, 1988?

22) My Bloody Valentine, Maxwells, Hoboken, New Jersey, 1989

23) My Bloody Valentine, the Ritz, New York City, 1992

24) Laibach, the Palladium, New York City, 1989

25) Orbital, Lollapalooza, Randalls Island, NY, 1996?

26) Jane's Addiction, Madison Square Garden, NYC, 1990

27) Kiss (in 3-D, with 3-D glasses and 3-D rear-screen projections), Paramus?, New Jersey, 1998

28) Sun Ra, at dawn on the summer Solstice, Battery Square Park, New York City, 1989

29) The Residents, Warsaw, Brooklyn 2004?

30) Sonic Youth, Continental Club, Austin, 1985

31) Sonic Youth, the Ritz, NYC, 1988

32) Sonic Youth, Arena, Vienna, Austria

33) George Clinton, with members of ParliamentFunkadelic, playing "Tear the Roof off the Sucka" several times for a scene in a justifiably forgotten frat boy movie, 1992?

34) Teenage FanClub, unknown auditorium, Glasgow, 1991

35) Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Madison, Wisconsin, 1993

36) Fatboy Slim, Bowery Ballroom, New York City, 1999

37) Lenny D, a sports bar dive that reaked of PCP, some somewhere in Queens, 2000

38) Kraftwerk, Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC,2004?

39) Chemical Brothers, Hammerstein, NYC, 1998

40) Nirvana, Roseland, NYC, 1993

41) Fanfare Ciocarlia, sZene Wien, 2006?

42) Kaizers Orchestra, Arena, Vienna, 2007

43) Mudhoney, Pyramid, New York City, 1990

44) DopplerEffekt, the new club on Bleecker Street, New York City, 2009

45) Paul Oakenfold, Bowery Ballroom, NYC, 1998

46) Wire, Fluc, Vienna 2009

47) Rush, Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, Texas, in either 1976 or 2112

48) Radiohead, unknown mega-auditorium, Brighton, England, 1998?

49) T Model Ford, under a tree, in a parking lot, somewhere in Mississippi, 2003

50) unknown homeless man, blowing twenty seconds of horrible saxophone noise, downtown No. 1 subway train, Harlem, USA, 1996.


sherri said...

"Facebook? Why would I need another time-sucking vortex in my life--I've got kids!" so true, I have kids and this hit home so much, except I'm on FB and also did this poll. Anyhow, impressed anyone can remember the years of shows like you did, great list.

pat said...

Thanks, Sherri, and welcome! I did actually see all these shows, but I had to go back and "research" the dates, so please don't be too impressed with me. As for FB, well, yeah, it's got me in its grips, like a Grand Funk song.....