Friday, March 12, 2010

The English Cinema Haydn

A subterranean theatre in the basement of what is probably a pretty shabby hotel. Two of the three screens are small compared to US multiplex screens, but hey, the concession stand sells beer.

Last night, I got there early, sat down, opened my computer, and continued trying to figure out how to add my own artwork to songs on my iPod. Around me, other English speakers (not all American) discussed their current projects at their various NGOs and IGOs, or tried to convince the ticket seller that they know the theatre owner.

A tv monitor in one corner is perpetually tuned to CNN--last night it was blabbering on about the three richest men in the world. Fascinating.

I shut the computer a few minutes before my movie was set to start, and got in line up at the snack bar. I usually order the Haydn Menu 2, which is the second hugest popcorn and a "large" drink. But, hey, caveat emptor, this large drink is barely a thimblefull compared to US multiplex drinks. And to add insult to injury, the snack bar staff never even fill the cup to the top! I'm wanting for cola, here! I see them over there, futzing around with my drink, as if they were topping it off, but no. When they slide it across the counter to me, without even taking off the lid, I can see it's, you know, only about two thirds full!!

Before entering the auditorium, I loiter around the place, deriding the posters and advertising materials for the upcoming atrocities, most of which I will eventually pay to see. "Is Sandra Bullock blind now? Wha-?" "Oh my god, another Shrek?!"To think some Hollywood imbecile was paid--highly--to 'develop' this retread of a remake of a film version of an old tv show?!"

Sometimes the movie is good.

And around 11 pm, I scuttle out and down the street to my awaiting subway train. Clutching half a bag of movie theatre popcorn.


cliff1976 said...

It's not sweetened popcorn like here in Grmany , is it?

FRITZ said...

AND... something strange for American theatre goers... you have to pay for your seat at the Hayden by row... you are not supposed to sit wherever you want there. Strange, huh? And... you're lucky if they decide to turn the AC on in the summer time. It's possible that it doesn't even exist there. All in a typical day in Vienna though. Peace.

pat said...

Well, Cliff, they do have caramel corn, which I've never tried, but the regular popcorn is the salty kind. Theatres here don't offer any "butter" for your popcorn--how about in Deutschland?
Welcome, Fritz! Yes, I've gotten used to the Row and Seat designation for Euro movie tickets, but it seemed odd at first. I still have to get down on my hands and knees and crawl around to find the seat numbers in some theatres, though. People look at me funny, but hey, what are you gonna do?