Thursday, March 4, 2010

Subjects for Further Research: the Top Ten Community College Degrees I would attain If I were Stinking Rich

Research Question:
Why do we keep fucking up?

Research Question:
Is it still possible to make a good film with both subtexts and blowjobs?

Research Question:
How do we stop the hurting?

Research Question:
Why are teachers who can't listen to students allowed into the classroom?

International Relations
Research Question:
How can democracy defeat capitalism and save the world?

Graphic Design
Research Question:
In the age of iTunes and Pirate Bay, what will replace triple gatefold record album art?

Research Question:
After Facebook, does anyone under 30 understand the concept of privacy?

Cultural Criticism
Research Question:
The Inuit have sixty words for snow-why do rock critics only know one way to say "knarly guitar solo"?

Social Work
Research Question:
In a world of rootless cosmopolitans, how can any of us remember who we are or where we came from?

Music Theory
Research Question:
What is the most ecstatic chord in existence?

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