Friday, April 25, 2008

my cool family top ten, Week of April 21

1) The way V. woke up this morning, held out her arms for a hug, and laid her head on my chest. Then bolted upright, looked at me very seriously and said, "Quargrum korum, quarum," as is she was telling me, "Actually, there is a difference--an important one--between lo-fat and no fat."

2) The way my wife evaporates problems, bitch-slaps challenges and re-edits her Power Point presentation in twenty minutes, with both kids screaming, while wearing those giant sunglasses and looking hot.

3) The way that Adinah beats me so efficiently and constantly at Uno, Mensch Argert Mich Dich (sort of the German Parcheesi) and Homer Simpson Memory, and then dances around the room yelping "I am the Champions, I am the Champions."

4) The way V. rolls into a room with absolute authority, even though she still falls down a lot.

5) The way Adinah looked from the back as she wobbled away from me, really riding a bike for the first time.

6) The fact that no matter how crazy busy and stressed out she may be, Anette puts it aside so we can all be together on Sunday.

7) The way V. sits in her hi-chair with pieces of rice in her hair and throws her head back and laughs, as if the only way to laugh is to laugh with your entire body.

8) The scientific experiments Adinah is conducting in the swing we've hung from our living room ceiling. (The latest project: can she write her name and play air cello while spinning around counter-clockwise and swinging back and forth?)

9) The way that Anette gets so excited whenever she goes to Caritas to buy used furniture or shoes for V.

10) The way that Adinah refers to whichever kid she played with today as her Best Friend.

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Ed Ward said...

That's Mensch, Ärger Dich Nicht. Makes a great deal of difference, if you look at it.

On the other hand, it's actually German for Parcheesi.