Sunday, April 13, 2008

the saturday afternoon zoo research project

Anette had to teach a seminar in Innsbruck this week, and when she found out I would be taking the girls to the zoo, she asked us to research the diet and origin of each of the aminals we saw. Once we got there, I thought recording each critter's "feind" (enemy) was more interesting, so I changed the parameters of our mission. I can just do that. Then somebody spilled something green and sticky on my notes, so I've had to revise them by memory, although I may have made a few spelling errors.

Our research was carried out by myself and a staff of two, comprising Adinah B., our Mega-Fauna and Popcorn specialist, and V. S., the team's Vulpine expert and Primal Scream Pugilist....

Creature: Zebra
Eats: Various dried weeds resembling Hay
Enemy: Lions

Creature: Piranha
Eats: other Fish
Enemy: Lawyers

Creature: Panda Bear
Eats: Bamboo
Enemy: Paparazzi

Creature: Orangutan
Eats: Apples, Pears, Bugs
Enemy: Bulldozers

Creature: Elephant
Eats: Tall Grasses
Enemy: Bulldozers, Men

Creature: Giraffe
Eats: some more stuff that looks like Hay
Enemy: Lions

Creature: Jaguar
Eats: Antelope
Enemy: Range Rovers, Men

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Flashtrigger said...

That brought a smile to my face...thank you!